Me, Myself and I

This is a home based cake baking & decorating business. My SOHO is next to the kitchen,so switching roles from a home maker to a business operator is a to say.

I am the BOSS ( also the baker & decorator )of my TEK Niaga Enterprise,with full support & encouragement from husband & kids. Now...some people asked me what does TEK stands for...well,it's "Tulang Empat Kerat".
A graduate in Architecture from Leeds Metropolitan University is now 'building cakes' instead of buildings. Lucky me...

                            "A perfect gift for any occasion"

I provide beautiful & delicious cakes for any occasion you can think of...weddings, engagements,birthdays, graduations etc or just simply as 'gift' for friends or love ones to show you care:
                          "A Cake is worth a thousand words"