Friday, March 6, 2009

My first post

Finally…my first entry on my ‘new’ blog. Thanx to my son for designing the page & making me write an entry. This blog is basically to share my ‘work’…or maybe to “show off” what I am capable of. Photos of my decorated cakes will follow soon. (I hope!)

I love baking. I love the smell of baked goods…heavenly! I love decorating them. I guess I could say it satisfies my creative energy. I enjoy decorating the cake….it’s a good stress reliever (you’d need one when you have 4 growing up kids!). And the feeling when I’m done decorating is indescribable. Proud…happy…and a lot more positive feelings I guess. Basically it makes me feel good about myself.

When I was about 10, my mum taught me & my sister to cook…local dishes for lunch & dinner, bake cookies & cakes. But I fell in love with baking .I baked my first cake at 10 years old! My mum even commented what I’m going to feed my husband…cookies?! Well, ‘cheeky’ me replied that I’ll find one who can cook. And lucky me, I found one who can & actually love doing it! So I bake & he cooks…good combination hah?!

Why I didn’t pursue baking & decorating after my high school, I don’t know. Maybe the current trend at the time was to go for Professional courses like Architecture, Accountancy, Engineering, Medicine & whatever equivalent has influenced my decision. Choosing to be a pastry chef for example, is unheard of. The thinking at the time was “u wouldn’t get good pay for being a chef”. Hey, Chef Wan proved it wrong, didn’t he?

Now, after going for short courses in baking & decorating, I found my old “passion” reawaken. Here I am & I have been doing this for almost 2 years now. Currently I am taking orders from friends & neighbors. These orders have in fact improved my skills. The latest decoration is always an improvement of the previous ones. Maybe I’ll spread my wings in a year or two. Who knows!!!

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