Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slabs or Slaps ?

18 November 2009

In the mood of trying a new recipe from my book & with persuasion & ideas from the kids, I made these square shape "Chocolate Chips Slab Cookies". The kids love them...almost gone in an afternoon. Pity them I only made a batch. Next time kids!
Photo taken by my eldest photo isn't it?

Photo taken by me. Not bad, huh? I think....

Saved some for my husband to bring it to the office and ....lucky me,his collegue,Huzaila likes them and ordered 2250 pieces, 3 in a package, for her wedding celebration mid-December 2009!!! take or not to take ( the order ), that is the question. I have never done so many cookies before.
With help from my kids,my sister & her kids....cutting & packing, I can say "WE DID IT !!! "

Photo taken right before they were whisked away by my husband on the morning of December 17, 2009. 750 packs in 3 boxes!

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