Monday, January 11, 2010

English theme Wedding cake

13 December 2009

This one is for Faiza's & Zulkifli's wedding at Singgahsana Hotel, PJ.
The request was to send it to the hotel lobby. Her sister & the hotel staff will take it from there but I helped bring it to the hall anyway, only to discover that the floral arrangement on the table was so high it covered 2/3 of the tier cake. Ouch!
And guess what they don't even have a proper cake stand...just some tiny pan wrapped in aluminum pan! Since the kitchen staff were so busy & unhelpful, me & the bride's brother worked something out.
When I come back for the reception at noon, I was relieved to see the "jungle"  has been 'trimmed' and the cake is visible. glad the mother of the bride took the matter in her own hand.

That aside, this is what I did....

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sweetmunchkiny (shikin - 012 606 9494) said...

Salam sis..just wonder ..did u really stack this 3 tier cakes and transport them to the venue..undetached? tq in advance