Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eye Opener

Continuation from MY FIRST CAKE...April 2007....
The fondant decoration class at Bagus has indeed boost my confidence & I yearn for luck BAGUS Taman Permata offered 'Buttercream Decoration' workshop in ..... We were taught 4 different flowers by Chef Eugene. Roses, Lily, Sunflower and Iris. After practising & perfecting the skills, we were asked to decorate our own cake. I chosed to do Iris...the easiest one for me. This is the outcome:

What do you think? Need some lesson in color combination though!
The best part is I met this lady who has been doing cakes from home.Chatting with her, makes me think,"If she can do it, so can I!" She was kind enough to give me her brochures & some encouragement. So that's where I start!

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