Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fancy....cookies....FANCY COOKIES!

8 July 2010

I made Sugar Cookies yesterday and my daughters had a great time decorating them, with royal icing and edible markers.
I was amazed with their ideas. Nadhirah came up with  'pizza-like', clock face and spider web designs( she later add a green spider on it ) on the flower shaped cookies. Nabilah came up with a butterfly ghost (bottom, second from right...yeah, the white one ) ...a friendly one I suppose since it has a smiling face on it.
Great jobs Girls!!!

And these are mine...butterflies and flowers. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kids have the wildest imagination if you allow them to be creative. Am I right?
Also featured is my first attempt at cellphones cookies....the cookies are larger than they are suppose to be. I guess I left them out a bit too long before baking or .....maybe I should try a different that is more stable. Any suggestions...anyone?

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