Thursday, November 11, 2010


6 June 2010

Anyone care for a game of life??? Let's roll the dice and get the game going.

I got the idea by searching the 'net' of course but I don't really remember which particular site it was. Nevertheless,there are lots of great cake ideas out there...thanks to everyone who shares.
This cake was requested for the wedding anniversary of Mazura's parents. The kids...the grandchildren, couldn't wait to get their hands on the 'stuffs' on the cake....I guess that's far more interesting than the cake itself.

             Life is the game that must be played.         
                                            ~Edwin Arlington Robinson


Anonymous said...

kak, kalau nak tempah kek bentuk htc desire aka bole buat x? agak2brapa harga?

hasbuna said...

Boleh, insyaAllah...harga depends on cake size & jenis cake. Email me at or u can leave me ur email address so we can discuss details.
Ps: sorry for the late reply..terlepas pandang.