Monday, December 6, 2010

Bear Loves Honey, I Love You

4 December 2010

One quiet night:
" Hello kak, I want 3D bear cake 5'' high, 8''x 6'' base"....a call from a lady cracked through my phone. " And I want it to be bride and groom bears, wearing tuxedo and white gown with veil", she added.
" Haa...errr, can I call you back in 10 minutes ". Oh my gosh...I never make 3D bear cake before...let alone ones wearing tuxedo & gown.

 Breathe in , breathe out....."It's a can do it", Me, talking to myself.

10 minutes later....
" Ok...I do it for you...royal icing and fondant decoration" , I told her but my palms were sweating ( Anxious? Nervous? Maybe...)

So....after mixing, coloring,rolling, cutting, squeezing and...a lot more actions, this is my completed mission...AND Yeah, I did it! I am so proud of the Bears. What do you think ?

Thanks Ika fr for the bear pan. Appreciate it!


syazana said...

aunty cantik!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is soooo cute! excellent work!

hasbuna said...

Thanx Syazana...

Jalia said... cute!! suke sangat...terer la kak has friend wants something like these but barney cake....any advice how to do the barney cake?