Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Women & Handbags

24 December 2010

My first blog entry in 2011...yeah!
Women & handbags.... interesting! Handbags, handbags...tote bags, shoulder bags, sling bags,satchel bags, duffels, purse, clutch...just to name a few styles.
Then there are designer bags, that cost a fortune...and then there are the not so expensive bags for all 'commoners' like me. So, what choice do we have ( if we desire a designer bag ) but to make one...and an edible one too. Hah! Love this cake!

Photo & edible image by Khairul Naim from FrostFirst


i♥CuteCupcakes said...

Great job! it looks so real!

Can you tell me how you applied the edible image to the cake?

Hasbuna said...

Thank You i♥CuteCupcakes!
I covered the cake with fondant first, then brush/spray water at the back of edible image & slowly applied/pasted it onto the fondant covered cake