Monday, February 21, 2011


21 February 2011

I have been hearing about this craze a few weeks now. Apparently this latest cake trend is blowing full swing! Its the talk of's Red Velvet cake!
Hmm...must be REALLY good since I 've received a few queries. I did some research on the internet....what else! Found this recipe at

This is what it looked like...fresh from my oven:

AND this is what it looked like 10 minutes later:

Ha..Ha...I know! My little girl ( who doesn't usually eat cake ) could't resist the temptation...the SMELL.
She loves it!!!

AND this is what I ended up decorating...didn't have the whole round cake to start with:

Look like "Pac-Man" cake ....

AND the' delicious' look...I reduced the red color. Too scared to put too much...guess I have to stick to the recipe to get the 'LOOK'.

Oh yes...I used my own version of Cream Cheese Icing....simpler version of course. Cream Cheese icing with White Chocolate shavings.

Now I know why those velvety taste is to die for. Since this was my first'll be posted on my next attempt...Red Velvet Cupcakes.


Nin said...

Hi, dear! you can use Wilton's no taste red if you were scared of using other brands.

hasbuna said...

Thank u.... I'll give it a shot nxt time I make it. I have seen it Wilton RV recipe though. Since its my first time, I ikut je la recipe yg ckp liquid color tu :D