Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Know What You Did Last Summer…..

20 May 2009

BUT do you know what I did on my birthday ???
This is what I did:
I baked 6 layers of rainbow colour cakes, each 10’’ x 15’’ and about 1 cm thick ( maybe less )…took me an hour or so to complete. Then I painstakingly stacked them up… well, at this point I kind of realized that no wonder I only see Rainbow Cakes in small, normal sizes. Hah…too late…had to make it work. Imagine trying to assemble a huge flat thin cakes without crumbling them to pieces !!!


AND …. the cake….covered and decorated with fondant. The center image is edible image printed by Naim from FrostFirst ( http://frostfirst.blogspot.com/ ).
This cake was made specially for my husband’s high school Alumni’s Bowling Tournament.

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