Wednesday, May 2, 2012


You must be wondering what this photo has anything to do with cakes. Believe me, there is. This is what happened when you overworked your hand. So,to all cake decorators out there, take good care of your hands....have correct posture and rest your hands in between your decorating work. Insure them if you must!!!

My problems began end of last year. At first, my whole right arm was so stiff and in pain but after a few massages, it was bearable. December was a busy season here, with lots of weddings in the know, wedding cakes! By then squeezing piping bag was so painful. So was writing and typing. Turning the steering wheel while driving hurt a lot,so I tried to utilize more of my left arm. Yeah...but to pipe icing with my left hand? Oh no...not possible.
So 2012 started with visits to my Orthopedic. Nerve test and MRI scan showed I have mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in my wrist and a tendon tear in my elbow. Wow...that bad! Cake Decorating is dangerous after-all!!
Then began my twice a week sessions with the Physiotherapist...and of course, medications. So I decided to give myself three months hope that it would help speed up the healing process.
So now, I am back....lesson learned though! Any cake makers-decorators out there who are having the same problems? Wanna share your experiance?

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