Friday, May 4, 2012

A tribute to all cancer patients

Photos of wedding cakes will be one of the evidences of a marriage. They will be around till eternity unless they are destroyed of course but we humans will be gone from this world anytime, anywhere.
The bride and the groom were my seniors from school. They were married sometime in 2010 but sadly the groom passed away early this year due to cancer. I have visited him at the hospital a few times...and I really admire the love and dedication of the wife. He...was always jovial and happy to see his friends. She....was so calm, I was not. I didn't stay long each time because I know my tear gates aren't that strong...not a good thing to do in front of them I guess.

Does any of you know anybody diagnosed with cancer? Our polluted air and lifestyle perhaps contributed to the rise of cancer occurrence.

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