Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Cousin's Wedding

Day: 10 February 2013, Chinese New Year holiday
Time : 1000-1400
Place: Maran, Pahang...Malaysia....where else.
Roughly 3 hours from KL if you are driving within the speed limit.
Weather: Cloudy day....lucky us, otherwise we will be drenched in sweat or...rain.
Event: Gathering of families and friends...whom otherwise we seldom meet.
Memories: First time eating oil palm young stem (umbut kelapa sawit) cooked in coconut milk....Yummy!!! So delicious that none of us took a picture.

Theme colour: Green...yes, I am talking about the cake...finally!
THE CAKE: Flowers on this cake are gumpaste first attempt based on books and tutorials shared by generous cake makers online (thanks you all).


Conclusion: Fun,fun trip...good company...nice looking cake...a pile of laundry waiting.

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